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Today insolvency management is the core of the task, whereby this term refers to a Trustee in Bankruptcy as well as a court-appointed Estate Neutral in debtor-in-possession proceedings as part of the reorganization management. Siemon insolvency management focuses on the activity from the application for insolvency on and is not dealing with the consultation prior to insolvency.

We want to provide the parties of the insolvency proceedings with our know-how in the insolvency management and we see ourselves as a neutral and independent service provider for all stakeholders in the insolvency proceedings.

Our strengths lie in seeking solutions, preserving companies, preserving values, optimally integrating the know-how of the debtor and thereby ensuring the best possible satisfaction for the creditors. For this, continuing the companies as going concern is the basic fundamental prerequisite.

We are experts in continuing the companies as going concern subject to insolvency proceedings. You can expect from us to act entrepreneurially, legally and precisely.